Random Funny Memory

I used to have an employee, I shall call “J.”  J. was a sweet young woman, soft spoken, and uncomfortable with of eye contact.  Whenever I walked by her desk, she was there earnestly typing away, focused on her computer screen or shuffling papers.  She was also scatter brained, took forever to get things done, and constantly making mistakes — the same mistakes, over and over again.  She lasted about two months before I had to let her go.  It was a difficult decision because she was so sweet, and seemed to be such a hard worker.

When she was gone, I sat down at her computer to look for a file. There were dozens of Word Documents titled “Today was a good day”  Intrigued, I opened one to find the lyrics to the Ice Cube song.  And every other document was the same.  Every. Last. One.

I occasionally still think about this and giggle, especially when I hear someone say “Today was a good day.”  In my head I always add, “I didn’t even have to use my A.K.”

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Hello, Again!

Typical for me, I had an ADD “squirrel!” moment – or three – and let my blog posts drift away. I have a few saved in my iPhone, dictated spur of the moment, waiting to be turned into something bloggish.  Let’s hope that voice recognition didn’t render them completely incomprehensible, like the time I texted my coworker to tell her the turkey barked at the office. Well, that’s what Siri heard. What I said was “you left your infinity scarf at the office.” I have many posts in my head, waiting for a squirrel free moment.

The past two years have been… busy.  Here’s the rundown:

We sold our house

We moved across town

We took a 2 week vacation and drove to Canada, just because.

Our son began kindergarten, and now is in first grade at a new school.

I spent several months volunteering at a non-profit that helps struggling moms.

I started a new job – 13 months ago, part time at an environmental non-profit.  Also I am still selling vintage dishes on Etsy.

I broke a vertebrae and partially tore my Achilles’ tendon (see Moved across town).

I stopped going to the gym (see vertebrae and Achilles tendon).  Thank God for stairs, because I really believe they are all that has kept my legs from turning to Jell-O. Well, that and mowing half an acre of lawn every week.

I had surgery to fix my broken nose. I can breathe again!

I lost and gained back the same ten pounds about four times. Currently I am splitting the difference at 5 pounds up.  I am really proud that I have not gained back the 30 pounds I lost a few years ago.

We took a short five day trip to the coast and spent our time in a tiny, two room cabin just hanging out and being together.

My husband had brain surgery two weeks ago. Yes, brain surgery. This will be a post for another day.  He is doing really well.

Our son has played basketball, taken ski lessons with his class, and now plays baseball.

I planted a garden.

(Reading that list just exhausts me.)

We plan to:

Sell our storage shed (we don’t need it and could use the money for something useful).

Sell our travel trailer (same).

Sell my car and get something with better gas mileage.

Save money like crazy so we can be homeowners again. This the reason for all of the above changes. I am so ready to stop renting, and mowing that half acre that belongs to someone else. It’s time to buckle down and get saving for that down payment!

So that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while. My time has evaporated.  Life is…the same. We have had our good times, and our times spent bed-side at the ICU, which really make all the other times look like good times by comparison.

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