About Me

Hi, I’m Sylvia. I have a young son, two dogs, four chickens, a cat, and a very patient husband. I work part time, run a home based business, and try to keep up with current events and my family life. I want to grow our food as much as possible, and I am learning how, one dead plant at a time. I love art, pottery, vintage and all things creative.  In person, I can be very reserved, and my overly-analytical personality can sometimes come across as harsh. My sense of humor tends toward snark, but I don’t intend to be cruel. I cry at sad movies and songs, and worry about everything, and I take myself waaay too seriously. I am borderline OCD about some things, but I don’t fold my socks. I am full of useless Jeopardy type knowledge. Translation: I am kind of a dork! I always think of the most awesome, witty retort, but usually I’m about 15 minutes late with it.